Rev. Martin Crider (1740-1826), who lived in Lebanon County, PA, was one of the leaders of the famous spiritual revival in US history known as that Great Awakening. In 1786, Rev. Crider brought 326 acres of farmland just one mile south of the present Crider’s Church building. His oldest son John (who also became a pastor) and wife Barbara settled on the farm the next year. The old Crider’s family cemetery is still located on the corner of this farm.

From at least 1797, itinerant preachers led services at various places in Franklin County. Locally, services were held at an early date at John Crider’s farm and at the Reed family farm on Edenville Road. The original Reed family barn used for these gatherings is still standing. The first Crider’s Church building was constructed in 1844 using logs. The church was rebuilt using brick in 1868. In the 1970s, land was purchased on the other side of the road where the present church building now stands. It was dedicated in 1975. Our Family Life Center was added in 2002.

For the last century and a half, the gospel of Jesus Christ has been preached at Crider’s Church. Each generation has fulfilled its responsibilities to God by sharing God’s message of redemption in Jesus Christ, passing the faith on to the next generation.

The worship services, Sunday classes, and other ministries at Crider’s Church have continued throughout the years as individuals have responded to the call to use their abilities in God’s Kingdom. The goal for Crider’s Church is to continue to share the message of faith, hope, and love in Jesus Christ for years to come.